Cbcommerce (forgebox) missing folders

When I install cbCommerce module (box install cbCommerce) it only downloads one module/folder “cbcommerce”. It is missing cbcommerce-api and cbcommerce-ui. NPM complains about missing resources folder and running the app gets an error “The DSL provided was not valid:”

Looking in forgebox there are 4 modules related to cbCommerce, none of which install the cbCommerce-api module.
installing cbcommerce-api installs the module cbcommerce-ui, which is weird.

I tried manually downloading from github but could never get the api module to work.

Has anyone got this module to work successfully? Thanks for your help

Thanks @tophersmith . @jclausen is on holiday now, but we will make sure he updates the docs on this and make sure this is documented.

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@jclausen I’d really like to get cbcommerce working. Any insight here?

@tophersmith Looking in to this now. Looks like something in the last build of the module published a wonky version


I tried installing w/ commandbox using the cbCommerce Bundle in forgebox. Running NPM complains about missing resource folders still. Using the git repos for each module which has the resource folders it compiles successfully for cbcommerce-admin and cbcommerce-ui but not cbcommerce-api. There are several error messages like

ERROR in includes\css\app
Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘./resources\assets\sass\app.scss’ in ‘**************\cbcommerce\modules\cbcommerce-api’

ERROR in includes\css\vendor
Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘./resources\assets\sass\vendor.scss’ in ‘*************\cbcommerce\modules\cbcommerce-api’

All the errors are for nonexistent files located in the resources folder.

Not sure that the readme files are up to date. Docker set up the app on port 8080. This might confuse others. Also not sure if the base urls listed are correct. cbAdmin is not a registered event.

Thanks for helping get this resolved.


Some other insight. The cbcommerce-api box.json installed from the bundle is wrong. It references cb-commerce-ui

“author”:“Ortus Solutions, Corp”,
“URL”:“GitHub - coldbox-modules/cbcommerce-api: API and Data Model for the cbCommerce Platform
“shortDescription”:“User interface module for the cbCommerce e-commerce module platform”,
“description”:“User interface module for the cbCommerce e-commerce module platform”,

I can manually get the cbcommerce-api folder from the repository but I don’t know how to make it install the module’s own dependencies. “install cbcommerce-api” installs the erroneous api module.