Cbdebugger 3 css and js includes error

cbdebugger 2 runs fine. If I install cbdebugger 3 (any version), I get errors on loading css and js files. My app sits at /dir/cbApp. It keeps trying to load css and jss from /dir/cbApp/modules/cbdebugger/dir/cbApp/includes/css or js.

I see in head.cfm it gets the module dir (/dir/cbApp/modules/cbdebugger) and elixerPath gets the includes dir (/dir/cbApp/includes).

Hmmm. I thought to change head.cfm and footer.cfm elixirPath() to useModuleRoot:true might work but that didn’t change anything. I looked at elixirPath() function in HTMLHelper.cfc and arguments.currentModule returns false causing the var mapping… line to return the controller.getSetting(). I took off the arguments.currentModule check and now useModuleRoot works, causing cbdebugger to now work with the right paths.

I see getCurrentModule() just parses getCurrentEvent(). getCurrentEvent() in cbdebugger’s Main.cfc or Main.cfm is just my app Main.index event. Of course in visualizer it is cbdebugger:Main.index.