cbDebugger with ContentBox - Page Not Found

Complete ContentBox newb here so please bear with me. :slight_smile: and please help!

So…I have successfully installed ContentBox using commandbox, MySql v.8, CF 2021. Everything looks fantastic and works as it should (to my newb mind, anyway - ha). No errors.

I then installed cbDebugger via commandbox following the instructions on ForgeBox (box install cbdebugger). It installed in /modules. I then copy/pasted the cbDebugger key from ForgeBox into the moduleSettings struct in the /config/Coldbox.cfc (I made it the last entry, just below cbSwagger).

I refresh the site page and no debugger panels show at the bottom so I do a fwreinit. No joy. So I restart the server. Still no joy. I have also tried using /cbdebugger and it returns “Page Not Found”. Using the Chrome inspection tools, it reveals a 404 (not found) message.

I have installed cbDebugger in another, unrelated ColdBox app and its working like a champ. Just not in ContentBox…

Please help! And thanks in advance,