[cborm-1.0.3][ColdBox-4.1.0] ORM Entity: Link to a table on another database?

Is it possible to have the table property of an ORM entity to be a table on another database, like this: component persistent="true" table="anotherdb..tableonanotherdb". I got a “table anotherdb…tableonanoth undefined for cfc…” error when I tried it.

If not, what are my options if the app needs to be able to update anotherdb…tableonanotherdb, instead of just viewing it (which I can simply set up a view for)?

I’m on CF10.

No, normal tables don’t work this way so why would ORM?

Well, I was able to do this with Transfer ORM :slight_smile:

<object name="blah" table="anotherdb..tableonanotherdb">

Nevermind, I’ll figure out a way around it.