[CBox 3.8.1] Contentbox services into Coldbox

Hi there,

Can any one point me how to pull page content into my /parent application? I have injected contentbox services into my parent handlers, but I don’t know which methods to call and how to get a specific page.

Thank you all


Hi Xerrano–

What in particular are you trying to accomplish? The services provide not only the ability to do custom criteria queries rooted to the content entities (like with all virtual entity services), but also some helper services like finding content by slug, some helpful search() methods, etc. In general, check out PageService.cfc and ContentService.cfc (which is extended by PageService).

If you have a specific use case, feel free to respond back and we can point you to a more specific answer.

If you know the ID of the page, you could do something as easy as PageService.get( theID )

Sorry, one more thing: be sure to check out the docs for VirtualEntityService and BaseORMService. These document all of the functionality you have available to the content services by virtue of them extending VirtualEntityService.

Got it… Thank you Joel!

Sure thing!