cbSwagger does not set up correctly my invocationPath

I’m having several problems with cbSwagger.

Since there would be a lot to say, I ask you if I’m configuring it right.

my custom modules are in

my api are in

my handlers are in

the cbswagger module is in

my Coldbox.cfc is in

Here, I have this setup:
modulesExternalLocation : [ "/apps" ],

My ModuleConfig.cfc in /apps/api is:

    this.entryPoint = "/api";
    function configure(){
        conventions = { handlersLocation: "controllers" } 
        layoutSettings = { defaultLayout = "api.cfm" };         

The first problem is this: I can’t use the module because inside the getHandlerMetadata() method (at about lines 510), the value of "invocationPath " is wrong:

if (
    len( module ) && structKeyExists(
) {
    var invocationPath = arguments.route[ "moduleInvocationPath" ] & ".handlers." & handlerRoute;
} else {
    var invocationPath = getHandlersInvocationPath() & "." & handlerRoute;

nor the if ( arguments.route…) in the else (getHandlersInvocationPath()) correctly instantiate my path.

The error is:

Type: cbSwagger.RoutesParse.handlerSyntaxException
Message: The handler at controllers.ProductController could not be parsed. The error that occurred: invalid component definition, can't find component [controllers.ProductController]

Some current values in getHandlerMetadata():

  • handlerRoute = “ProductController”;
  • getHandlersInvocationPath() = “controllers”;
  • moduleInvocationPath = “modules.api”;
    //error: should be “apps.api”
  • invocationPath = “modules.api.handlers.ProductController”;
    //error: should be “apps.api.controlles.ProductController”

I solved this error editing the code (but it’s just a workaround that probably generated other problems), like so:

#1 remove moduleInvocationPath from arguments.route
StructDelete( arguments.route, "moduleInvocationPath" );

Because I’m in module, but my handlers are not in “handlers” as written here:
invocationPath = arguments.route[ "moduleInvocationPath" ] & ".handlers." & handlerRoute;

#2 add “apps.api.” ad invocationPath
return util.getInheritedMetadata( "apps.api." & invocationPath );

But I asked myself: am I doing something wrong in the configuration? The only thing I configured in practice is “modulesExternalLocation” in Coldbox.cfc and handlersLocation in ModuleConfig.cfc

Many thanks for any hints :slight_smile: