CBWIRE 3.2 Released



Love it! @gcopley thank you for all your hard work!

@MikeR Thank you for the awesome contributions to this release! I love the auto-population of data properties feature you added. Using it often :slight_smile:

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Hello @gcopley
saw your videos on cfcasts
wanted to learn cbwire (have been a certified CF developer for 20+ years)
[ https://www.ortussolutions.com/parent/download/commandbox/type/windows-jre64 ]
[ GitHub - grantcopley/cbwire-examples: A place for all the CBWIRE examples. ]

placed all in a folder c:\box

  • box install
  • box server start --open

very sweet , everything up till here is perfectly working
but when clicking any example i get the attached missing error

can you please advise

I went through the same steps and interestingly enough on my mac I did not have any issues or errors. Windows was another case. After I got a .env error/message and resolved it, I then got the same error you did.

It seems it may be an issue with the version of cbwire specified in box.json (3.1.0-snapshot).

I would suggest running:

  • box install cbwire@^3.2.7
  • box server restart

Worked for me after that. Hope it helps!

thank You @MikeR
your right

its working now


Glad it helped! Have fun, cbwire is great!

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We’ve had a really good experience with cbwire. Like most folks, we had some special requirements that were tricky for me to implement given my relative lack of experience with CF and Coldbox. Grant provided excellent support on a few phone calls. I highly recommend the cbwire experience.


the link to event is broken.

the correct one is: