CCTApp Sample :: Install instructions

Are there any notes on setting this sample application?

CCTApp Sampleby Tom de Manincor

This needs additional setup to run, look at the install folder for instructions. Some may need database setup or coldfusion mappings.

Tommy? Any input???

I have created a database and datasource
I have created a mapping for coldspring and transfer

But now I am getting the error message below
looks like this is built on an old version of ColdBox??

Railo Error (Framework.plugins.XMLParser.ConfigXMLParsingException )
The config.xml file does not validate with the framework’s schema.
You can find the config schema here &

I will see if it runs on CF8 while I am waiting for a response.

Thank you.

I did get further with CF8

I will keep digging …

Don't think the install doc made it with the Coldbox bundle release
but it is included in the package at the<a href="http://">RIA Forge Project Page.</a>

I know some mappings where changed to make it work under the Coldbox
Samples App.
Other then that, not sure why you'd be getting that error.
It was developed under current Coldbox versions and CF 7, and tested
on CF 8.
Try using the Zip from RIA as a clean start.

Let me know if that helps, if I find answers sooner I'll throw it up