CF8 Shared Hosting


I am looking for Coldfusion-8 hosting where I can host mySQL+Coldbox
+Transfer based application, any suggestions?


I have been using Crystaltech for a year for misc stuff and find their support good and price reasonable. No issues at all. Recommended.



You might want to check out

Gary Herman
831.454.0850 x.13 (Office)

I also recommend getting a VPS, very cheap now. Slicehost, or kickassvps. Those are good.


I have been with since 2006.
I have couple of personal sites, blogs and forums and quite happy with
They have CF 8 Enterprise, MySQL with MS SQL 2005.

They have CF start plan for $19.99/year (after using $10 discount
coupon) which offer 250 MB space which is quite enough for a normal

You may like to give them a try.

Oh G-d… please don’t use hostingatoz… they are aweful. Classic case of get what you pay for.

I’d second Luis’s recommendation for a VPS, linode are meant to be very good as well.


CrystalTech has a CF shared hosting plan at something close to $18 a month with access to MySQL or MSSQL included. I have been happy with their service - highly recommend them.


I have to toss out kudos for Hostek … They offer shared CF hosting starting at $5 a month, and their customer support…well, they make you FEEL like you’re paying $500 a month!


Thanks guys

Anyone has experience using CF on GoDaddy? (currently offering CF7)

A friend pass me


I recommend against hosting with GoDaddy. I have no experience CF with
them but only PHP, and if there is any correlation it will suck. I
find that GoDaddy overloads each server with too many virtual hosts
and apps can be very slow.

Like I said, this was for PHP GoDaddy hosting, CF might be different.


Most notably, createObject() is disabled. My boss hosted his non-profit site with GoDaddy for a while and had a lot to say about it…the only good things being about the price.

Thanks to Doug Boude (Sounds Like Loud) - I can say Hostek is making an even better price offering for shared CF hosting. I thought it was worth the $5 and 30 day money back guarantee to try them out. So, last night I signed up and had my ColdBox site going in a couple of hours. I only had to hit up support once about allowing write access to a couple of my directories, but they were on chat and fixed me right away. Dare I say…the site is running faster than it was on, and with the Helm control panel you have a world more control over your site set up. You can even set up your own IIS virtual directories, and MySQL databases/users right from the cp.

I have high hopes. $360/year -> $60/year makes the wife happy :smiley:

Thanks Doug!

+1 for not going with godaddy


Do you know what Java version Hostek is running with CF8? We had issues with CrystalTech on this that were never resolved. The last correspondence I had with CT was that they were sticking with the buggy version, so we are looking for a new shared host.


while (getHost() == 'GoDaddy')

That was one of the first things I checked… Update 11! I’m running ColdBox/Transfer/ColdSpring and it is blazing.

Here’s a dump of java.lang.System.getProperties() :

Which version exactly is the “buggy” one?

If you are referring to the class loader bug in Java 6, does CrystalTech know that it has been resolved in Updater 10?
I have upgraded all my CF8 boxes to 1.6_12 without any problems.


Version1.6.0_04 with the class loader problem that shipped with CF8.0.1 is what I was referring to. Crystaltech, from my last correspondence on this (today), is apparently still “working” on the problem with Adobe. So if CT cannot upgrade because of Adobe, how do Hostek and other CF Adobe Solution Provider Partner providers get away with upgrading the JDK to 1.6_11?,33785.msg192036.html#msg192036