CFConfig datasource configuration for MongoDB

Is it possible to indicate in .cfconfig.json to upload a configuration in CFADMIN for NoSQL? example, upload the connection to MongoDB.
This configuration would need to persist

“nosql”: {
“ds_log”: {
“host”: “localhost”,
“port”: “27017”,
“dbdriver”: “mongodb”

@ricardo.nogpereira I moved your question to a new post, as it was not related to the original post.

NoSQL support has not been added to CFConfig. Would you like to sponsor it?

Cool, I’d like to. I recently came across a project where I ended up using the call in isolation, but if it were possible to integrate via cfconfig.json it would have the same dynamics as a datasource, it would be an interesting item to add. =)

uri = CreateObject(“java”,“com.mongodb.MongoClientURI”).init(application.configMongo.uri);
mongoClient = createObject(“java”, “com.mongodb.MongoClient”).init(uri);

database = mongoClient.getDatabase(application.configMongo.database);
db = mongoClient.getDB(‘system_log’);
logCollection = db.getCollection(‘access_user’);