CFConfig documentation

Hi everyone,
Any chance of including the contents of the “awesome” HELP system in the online documentation?

As an example - when (in the docs) you look up mailservers, there are the “base” commands that you can use to add / delete / list mailserver configurations - but no details about the attributes to use when saving a configuration.

Yes, I know they’re in the command line help - and are really rich - and entirely what I spent a lot of time looking for in the docs / in google.


This is a great idea-- yes it’s possible and it’s not even necessarily hard, I’d just have to take the time to set up a Docbox build to generate and publish them. We already do this for all the “core” commands in CommandBox. Basically, all the information available in the help system is also available here in HTML form:

I haven’t necessarily taken the time to generate these for all of my little CommandBox modules running around. It’s also worth noting, the mail server commands are also covered here in our Gitbook documentation:

But to be honest, I personally just use

cfconfig mailservers save ?

or just hit tab to get the tab completion when I want to remember what arguments there are and in what order, etc.