Cfconfig export missing config items

Hi Everyone,
I have noticed a few options in the Lucee Administrator (SERVER) that are not included when exporting the .config.json : And wanted to bring them to your attention for comment, please.

In that

  • perhaps I am doing something wrong - but they are there
  • confirmation they’re not
  • any work arounds (can I use cfconfig for the (seemingly) missing items?

Here they are

  • Web Context labels - in the OVERVIEW menu.
    @lucee 5
        <label id="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" name="yyy..."/>
  • Develop Mode - in the Settings - Performance/Caching menu.
    <mode develop="true"/>

Thanks as always.

Neither of those are implemented. You’re the first person who’s ever asked for either of them. Most CommandBox servers only have one context unless you using ModCFML or multisite. The developper mode and newish and I think somewhat undocumented. I had forgotten it even existed.

You can send me a pull request to add them.

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Just a quick note that I have submitted a pull request for the Developer Mode config item.
Please let me know if there is anything that I have missed / anything needs changing.


Thanks for the ping, I had completely missed the notification from GitHub. Merged!

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