cfconfig.exportOnStop & app.webConfigDir

It seems the ‘exportOnStop’ isn’t firing or isn’t updating the .config.file w/in the app.webConfigDir specified for a server.

Setup of the server.json file looks like:
“app”: { “webConfigDir”:"/Users/Shared/wwwroot/utility/"},

Test scenario:

  1. start server name=“utility”
  2. Open CFAdmin. System appears to have read the .config.file from the /Users/Shared/wwwroot/utility directory properly.
  3. Update any setting w/in CFAdmin
  4. server stop name=“utility”

The changes do not get written to the /wwwroot/utility/.config.file. IF I copy the .config.file into the webroot directory, /wwwroot/projects, the 'Config transferred!" message is displayed and the changes made are persisted.

Am I using the webConfigDir incorrectly? Or is this behavior by design?


Export on stop reads from the server context, not the web context.

Do a debug start and when you stop, see if you see the following output: