.cfconfig.json doesn't exist

When I updated commandbox binary (along with the jre folder), I was getting an error “file or directory [C:/Users/mwood/bin/.cfconfig.json] does not exist”. I thought that should have been created when i initialized commandbox when first running the new version (6.0.0). Then I tried deleting the .commandbox folder in the hope that it would reinitialize everything (didn’t help). Then I grabbed a copy of a .cfconfig.json file from a server and put it in that location which allowed a “server start” to succeed. So it’s working but I’m baffled. Did I miss something in the setup docs or ?

I’d have to know more about your setup. CommandBox does not create any .cfconfig.json files automatically, nor does it expect any to exist. If you were getting that error, that means you had a cusotm configuration somewhere you created telling CommandBox to load it. Please include much more details such as console output, full error messages, screen shots, etc.

Just wanted to let you know in case that was a hole in the set up when one installs. I thought that, when installing the new box/jre, and by deleting .CommandBox, server.json, and the existing box/jre, I would sidestep such issues. But obviously not.

Anyway, TY for responding. Box V6 seems good.