cfeclipse dictionary file on eclipse

i have tried and gone crazy trying to follow the directions for
installing the syntax dictionaries for coldbox in cfeclipse under

i installed eclipse from the package manager and being fairly new to
linux i am not quite fully grasping the directory structure... it
appears to be quite different than the eclipse install under my
windows box.

step 3 and 4 say:
3)Browse to < eclipse install path >/plugins/
org.cfeclipse.cfml_<version number>/dictionary/ and move coldbox.xml
into that directory.

4) open up the dictionaryconfig.xml file that is in that directory and
add the following XML above in each version of coldfusion you would
like ColdBox insight into.

i finally found an org.cfeclipse.cfml folder under my personal folder
at /workspace/.metadata/.plugins/ which did have a snippets folder
under it. i was able to drop the coldbox snippets there.. was that

but i cannot complete step 3 and 4 above as i can find neither a
dictionaryconfig.xml file or a dictionary folder for cfeclipse
anywhere on this entire machine?

does anyone know where to put this file? cfeclipse seems to show the
dictonary files for cf9, ralio3 etc..