CFEngine Adobe2021 - can't install debugging for CFAdmin

I started a CommandBox server on my local machine with cfengine=Adobe@2021, logged into CF Admin, and tried to go into the debug output settings. I got this message:
"The debugger package is not installed.

You can install package through CLI package manager (C:/Users/cmaso/.CommandBox/server/817D90C2E7D8611F7F11C9FF47AD6F2C-BigTime_FormUpload/adobe-2021.0.06.330132/WEB-INF/cfusion/bin/cfpm.bat) by running the command : install debugger."

So in CommandBox, I entered “install debugger”, and got this message:
“Error getting ForgeBox entry [debugger]
The entry slug sent is invalid or does not exist.”

To install Adobe packages from the Adobe package manager into an Adobe server, you must use cfpm which is an Adobe tool, unrelated from CommandBox’s package manager.

CommandBox servers provide you with a handy pass-through command so you can simply type

cfpm install debugger

from the web root of an Adobe server which will delegate to Adobe’s cfpm tool.

Okay, so “CLI package manager” is Adobe’s package manager, not CB’s, got it. It threw me off because I was expecting the same thing I’ve always seen – log into CF Admin, go to “debug output settings”, and it’s ready to go, no need to install anything. So I figured the extra step had to do with using CommandBox.

Any case, entering “cfpm install debugger” in CommandBox worked, thanks much. Is cfpm mentioned in the CommandBox documentation, btw? I’m still relatively new to CB, so I’m about to give the entire documentation an initial lookover.