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I like ColdFusion and Railo. I also respect those who like one of them over the other. Yet, as CFML gains foot print in the market we all benefit.

Therefore my goal is to launch a new site based on CFML. I have worked on ColdBox sites but have used my own framework for years. My goal is to launch this site on ColdBox.

Something very missing in the world of CFML is an understanding of how to build business or communities. This is not something where my claim is to be the world’s top expert but something I have researched and read over 30 books in the last couple of years. My goal is to use the sum of my study to build and help us thrive. :slight_smile:

Thoughts anyone, please join in with the following:

  • Positive Suggestions
  • Problems you have an idea how to solve
  • Ideas on how to build community (a.k.a. Bright Spots per Heath brothers Switch book)
  • Who in the community might be or know contacts that would also be wanting to get behind such an effort. (we have a hosting company already)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and also for creating a great community core around ColdBox!

Your fellow CFML dev,

John Farrar

John, I think you could use ContentBox to get a skeleton of the site up quickly. You can then build modules for additional features. ContentBox can be used as the entire site, or you can add the ContentBox modules to an existing ColdBox site to have only Blogging functionality for example.

Do you have a list of features you have been thinking about having on your site? ie:

  • Forums
  • Public profiles
  • Job listings
  • Articles
  • etc…



ColdBox Platform Evangelist
Ortus Solutions, Corp

ColdBox Platform:

I hope to also build an API for other sites to consume and take advantage of the content of the site. Will be attending the Modules and REST services sessions today. :slight_smile: