Cfselect bind issue

Im having an issue so time to refer to the experts

I have a cfselect that binds on a cfc

<cfselect name="events" id="events" selected="#form.event_id#" bind="cfc:feat.models.dynform.getEventsByGroup({groups})" display="event_name" value="nd_event_id" queryPosition="below">

Which works well on my local, defined as "feat" on my local /www

My issue is when i move to the oit2 dev server , which i believd to be in "beat"

I receive the error model not found, event though the model is there
I assume this is because the dev server is arranged differently than my local, is there a clue in the coldbox config as to where this should point?

I also attempted to change the bind to call the model (so i wouldnt have to checkup different markup than my local) by placing the model in the rc collection
bind="cfc:#rc.dynformservice#.getEventsByGroup({groups})" display

I get an error cannot cast complex datatypes as string

Any suggestions? I'm in your debt for any help

I would add your model directory to your cfclocation in your application.cfc.

Or maybe not. CFCLocation looks like its only used with ORM stuff.

I would double check your mappings.

figured it out, The coldbox way of passing in a path is


Only if you use AppMapping to begin with.

Andrew Scott