CFX tag was not found in the custom tag database

I registered a CFX Java Tag in Admin > Extensions > CFX Tags

The class file is located within a directory that Coldfusion has read rights to. It was working this way when I was just running Coldfusion 2016 and apache on my Macbook Pro. But now, with CommandBox running CF 2016, it doesn’t work.

In my server.json, file I defined the “jvm” property, but not sure if done correctly.

        "args":"-Dcoldfusion.classPath=/Library/WebServer/servers/i4a/classes_8/ -classpath /Library/WebServer/servers/i4a/classes_8/"

Any help is appreciated!

Hmm, I really have no clue at all how cfx tags are loaded. That’s a question the CF engineers would need to answer for you. It’s entirely likely the system props or classpaths may be set up differently on CommandBox, but I wouldn’t know what to change without first understanding how it works!

I wouldn’t expect this to do anything. Firstly, the coldfusion.classpath system property is much longer and has stuff like


in it. Secondly, CommandBox resets the system property which likely overwrites any custom setting of yours.

I’m not sure if the -classpath JVM arg is getting used or how to even test for that.

I would recommend maybe trying the -Djava.library.path JVM arg as well.

Thank you! I will try that today.