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Does contentbox save the URL of the site during the initial config? Is so where? I’m trying to change the url of my site and it works but then anything I click on references the original URL. I’ve checked config, routes, system settings, the database.

My wife does say that I tend to search with my eyes closed.

We don’t save full URLs in order to provide transportability. The base URL in your routes.cfm is what is used.

That looks like below. Must be iis issue.

// Base URL
if( len(getSetting(‘AppMapping’) ) lte 1){

restarted CF and issue is gone.

Base URL is set when the framework reinits. So it’s stored, but only in memory. Reinitting the framework (there’s a button in the admin to do it) will reset it to the current URL. If you need to access the site from multiple domains, you can install the SES multi-URL interceptor from forgebox that sets it for every request.



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