changing entry points works for the landing pages, but not for subsequent pages

I changed the entry point for Contentbox-UI to “blog” and my blog is accessible via .com/blog. However the page links in the menu are still pointing to .com/leadership instead of .com/blog/leadership

Also, I changed the entry point for Contentbox-ADMIN to “admin” and the admin is accessible via .com/admin/security/login, but the direct path to .com/admin (when not logged in) redirects to .com/cbadmin/security/login which errors out because cbadmin is not a registered event. Once i manage to log in, links in the admin are still pointing to /cbadmin/… etc.

This occurs after reloading admin, site and application. I would report bugs to assembla contentbox but its not open to everyone.

AdminMenuService.cfc is hardcoded with

this.ADMIN_ENTRYPOINT = “cbadmin”;

but it should be using the entryPoint property of the CB Admin Request Interceptor.

Hi Daniel thanks. Do you see where else things need to change?

Can you submit a patch?

I was only playing around with a fresh install. After that day I haven’t had time to start my real project. Also, i’d need help creating a patch - it would be my first time creating a patch. haha.

I fixed it, so no worries

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