Child Themes


I am looking at doing a child theme that is based on the parent theme, the problem I am seeing at the moment is that when a layout is activated, there is nothing that I can see that could be a basis to make it a child theme.

So my question, is there any way I could add extra information the layout.cfc in the theme that the parent could use to say yes and do what it needs to do?

To give you an idea I am exploring the option of a parent theme and children at the moment, and have something basically in place. The problem is that the parent theme needs to know if the current them is a child theme or not, if it is then continue with the layout, if it is not then do something else.

Hope that makes sense.

Have you considered inheritance

Yes and no.

Let me explain the problem, I am trying to create a parent theme but have
to do it as a module. So that I can have a basis for interceptors and other
common code, the problem is that when I activate a theme that is to be a
child of this, then there is no way to distinguish between this child and a
normal theme (layout)

If you are familiar with the Genesis framework for Wordpress then you will
know what I am trying to do.