Chrome and Firefox - ColdBox SEEK 4.3.0+188 Nehemiah

I've upgraded my app to 4.3 and I'm seeing login issues only with Chrome
and Firefox. Safari and IE work fine. It's like the login information for
the user isn't being saved. So my code takes you back to login. The
messagebox is never displayed either. Is there some bug I'm hitting? Again
it works fine in browsers other than Chrome and Firefox so it doesn't seem
app related.

If you want to see it go here

put in a bogus username and password like test and test. You should get a
messagebox saying that it wasn't correct. If you try different browsers you
receive different results.

Crazy. Any info appreciated. Thanks


You might want to trace your code and see if the flow works as expected. You could you use built-in LogBox in 4.3; and place log.debug(“some message”); in your code.

Works for me on Linux with Vivaldi, Firefox, Chrome, or Chromium. Also works on Android (7.0) with Chrome or Ghostery.

It’s strange. It seems to be just some users. Like some crazy caching issue. It works sometimes on my Macbook with Chrome and Firefox. Never have an issue with Safari.

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with this autocomplete issue in the console.

Seems to work if I login from Chrome as a user that I have never used before.

The link you posted is for Chromium, the open source port of Chrome. It may or may not be applicable to Chrome itself.

I also tried on a Mac, and it worked as expected in Chrome and Firefox.