CMS and ColBox?


I'm wondering if there are any plugins that would inject some CMS
functionality into my app. I suppose one could always write
something, but I'm hoping there is something already available that I
could maybe extend if I needed to. I'm looking for a solid feature
set from a CMS standpoint ideally.

I like what I saw in a product called Mura CMS but I haven't had time
to play with it enough, and I recall that it uses two different
frameworks, FusebBox and Model Glue in the same application. I'm all
for frameworks, but I'd be interested to find out why Mura uses two
different frameworks.

If anyone has any CMS thoughts or resources and how I might do
something with ColdBox please let me know.


Inject CMS functionality? depends on what you mean by that, CB is a
framework. most plugins are on forgeBox
take a look.

Mura is moving from Fusebox to FW1 backend is there already. You can
use CB within Mura few blog posts on this.

I think you misunderstood what you saw: Mura allows you to embed
applications in pages and provides examples of how to do that with
both Fusebox and Model-Glue based applications. You can also embed ad
hoc applications, without using a framework. FWIW, Mura recommend FW/1
as the basis for plugins these days.

Mura's administrator console was built with Fusebox but has been
migrated to FW/1 but that's just an implementation detail.

Thanks for the replies… I guess I was hoping to do it the other way around. Rather than embed ColdBox in Mura, embed a Mura-like system into Coldbox.

I will check out the Mura docs…