[Colbox 5.0.0] ACF2018 - Error building: Renderer@coldbox - Could not find HTMLHelper.models.HTMLHelper


I ran into this problem when testing a coldbox app on ACF2018 Developer Edition:

Sorry, an update to the above, Coldbox version is 5.6.2+1021

Are you on the latest update of 2018? I know the initial release from Adobe had some bugs that caused this error.

The version is 2018,0,02,313961

I installed it around August 2019.

I am now getting this error instead:

Error building: Renderer@coldbox -> The target ‘ExplicitCall’ requested a missing dependency with a Name of ‘’ and DSL of ‘@HTMLHelper’ {REQUIRED={true},DSL={@HTMLHelper},NAME={}}.

You’re way behind. Please update to the latest version of CF 2016. Update 7 is the latest. That should fix several bugs that affected Coldbox.



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