[Colbox 6.1.0] - event.buildLink() port being added to URL


I am hoping this is something simple, but when I use event.buildLink() it is adding the port # to my URL. I am running Lucee, but I don’t think that should matter. Is there any reason this may be occurring and if so, how can I remove the port number.

I am ending up with this: “myapp.herokuapp.com:80/dashboard

Thanks in advance for any support.

I’m pretty sure this is based on your base URL or base SES URL set in ColdBox, so I’d troubleshoot there. Is the port showing up in the browser? I thought most browser hide port 80. Just curious.

Yes, port 80 was showing in the browser, however I thought the same that it would not show given it’s port 80. I will look at my base URL and see if something needs to be updated there.