[coldbox:13733] Re: ColdSpring or WireBox

Nope, now you've done it. :slight_smile:

Here's the simple advice I always give: You use whichever tool makes you the most productive, keeps your app organized and easy to manage, and helps you sleep best at night.

That being said, you'll probably find WireBox integrates better if you're writing a ColdBox app. Unless you have a strange affection for XML-- in that case stick with ColdSpring :slight_smile:



Thank you Brad,

Since you took (all of you) your very valuable time with such a good
advice, and I'm kind of stupid and self-learner hahaha...
can you bother again, and give some tip how can I inject model-data
from within a module to another module or my app (root) handlers?

For example, If I have a module called "hotels" to handle hotel
information, rooms, room views, location, etc...
And outside the hotels module, whether into another module or my roo-
app I need to inject (display) a hotel directory from within my hotels
module model... how could I do that?.... OF COURSE THINKING IN WIREBOX

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Felipe Serrano