[coldbox:14657] Re: WireBox doesn't observe inherited annotations

I will give it a try. I’m still kind of groping around when it comes to getting the unit tests running, but I’ll see if I can get the tests you have bundled with CB running and then add some more around the stuff I changed.

I’ve got another pull request I’m working to allow provider annotations and methods to to provide DSLs instead of just specific mapping IDs. I guess I’d better write some unit tests for those as well before you even ask :slight_smile:




Would you mind doing some unit tests for this before we incorporate it?


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Jeje. Always instigating on testing. Also as a overview

The test are here /coldbox/testing/cases/IOC
The test model objects are here

So I’d you add things to the binder or mapping add the tests to the appropriate unit. However I also have a construction integration test that tests object constructions an dependencies. This one is under

Which uses a config binder in the /cases/IOC/config/samples directory

This last step is important a part from the individual unit tests because this one puts all of it together to verify object creation, di and aop

Ok, I took a stab at some unit tests. Please provide feedback as to whether or not I’m doing them right. :slight_smile: