[coldbox:15672] Newbie - Coldbox Relax setup issue

If I was to guess, the module config probably uses a nested script-based struct notation that its only supported by cf9 and up. You can probably edit the config and rewrite the syntax to see if it works. I’m not sure what the official support

Is there any information which Relax version can be handled by ColdFusion 8?


According to the docs ( http://wiki.coldbox.org/wiki/Projects:Relax.cfm ) it should work on CF8 and up.

I’d file a bug. I can’t find an Assembla space for Relax, so I’d file it here unless Luis says otherwise:

I don’t think you’ll find a different version of Relax that works. If I were you, I’d just change the syntax in that config file and see if it starts working. If so, you can even fork on github and submit the fix as a pull request.




I dig thru the old version of Relax and found the latest that will work with CF8 is Relax 1.4.

I have filed a defect against Relax 1.7 using the link you provided.