[coldbox:15767] HandlerService.EventHandlerNotRegisteredException when creating a new handler CFC

what do I do to reproduce?

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Hi Luis,

If I copy an existing file in the handler directory that currently works fine and rename it “NewHandler.cfc” and
try to run that page by going to “localhost/testapp/NewHandler/eventname” I will get a
“HandlerService.EventHandlerNotRegisteredException”. The new event or file doesn’t look like it gets
registered unless I reinitialize the framework. I am currently running CB 3.5.2



That is correct, however it is also dependant on your config settings. If you wish to do this in development then look at turning off the caching of handlers.


I ran getSetting(“RegisteredHandlers”) and the handler is in the list. I have also

set the following values set in my config file.

coldbox.handlersIndexAutoReload = true;
coldbox.eventCaching = false;