[coldbox:16343] ColdBox web services from another cf web app

Hi Francisco,

It is easy to get lost in the complexity of ColdBox at times, but sometimes knowing is the key.

MVC frameworks are considered entry points into the Controller, ColdFusion doesn’t care about the request as it will always try to execute what it know, regardless of the source. What the means is that the same rules apply for handlers in ColdBox.

So with that it means you could be making it as simple as creating a remote handler, return what you need to in the format that you need.

Another option is that ColdBox supports Rest as well, and you can lock the request down to simple CRUD with permissions on all if need be.


Thanks for your prompt reply. I do really appreciate you taking the time. I was trying to do a direct invocation and it was just not working properly for some reason. After coming back to it an hour later it was functioning as expected. I wanted to wrap my head around getting a simple proxy request through and it seems like I’ve gotten it done. I am interested in ultimately doing as you suggested and using a REST approach. I will more than likely post again once I’m doing that, but for now I thing I’m good to go. Thanks again.