[coldbox:16862] Coldbox lite to Coldbox switch fails

Did you try restarting ColdFusion yet to completely clear out any cached code?


Well, I think the reinit should do it, but the problem is that they are two different bootstraps. I would recommend doing an ApplicationStop() instead. This is only when switching though


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I did the applicationStop() and that worked. Found what appears to be another difference between lite and full though. It seems lite defaults template to “layouts/main” and full version does not?

The more I look at this the more I’m thinking we’re just going to start with full version. I don’t want to get into something any deeper than these surface items and have trouble only to end up trying to figure out if it’s a version specific problem or not.



ColdBox will default to whatever layout is defined in the ColdBox.cfc configuration file located in the config directory.