ColdBox 3.0.0b3 production mode???

I can't get ColdBox 3.0.0b3 to show development mode in the ColdBox
debugger info, I've got the URL of my app listed in the environments
file under dev - but it won't change...

any ideas?



What is the url that you put in your browser? And what “url” value are you putting in your environment file?

For example, my development url is “http://localhost/theappimworkingon/” and the value I put in environment file is:

  • Gabriel

The environment is detected using the value of cgi.http_post, so just make sure that you have the appropriate values (comma delimited list) in your URLS attribute to match http_post when you’re in your dev environment.

FYI, here’s the code in the environments interceptor that does the environment check:

if ( listFindNoCase(trim(arguments.environmentsArray[i].XMLAttributes.urls),cgi.http_host) ) …

Small typo in doug's reply. Should be http_host not http_post :slight_smile:

oops! Thanks John. :slight_smile: