Coldbox 3.0

Hi ,

I am upgrading from version 2.6.4 to coldbox version 3.0

i am getting following error -
Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface coldbox_3_0_0.system.coldbox.

please help!!!


Please created CF Mapping “coldbox” to folder coldbox_3_0_0 in your Application.cfc

Read more about setting the mappings per application

Please provide more information. Your coldfusion mappings are incorrect, but without seeing any code or details I can’t even guess what’s wrong.

Firstly, I’m not sure what you’re doing with a CFC path of “coldbox_3_0_0.system.coldbox” but I wouldn’t do that unless you want to do giant find and replaces on the entire framework codebase (eww). That kind of thing was only necessary back before ColdFusion supported app-specific mappings. Just put this in your Application.cfc

this.mappings[ ‘/coldbox’ ] = ‘/your/path/to/the/coldbox/framework’;

and remove any server-level mapping so it doesn’t get in the way.

Also, why are you upgrading to ColdBox 3.0? That is still a very old release. If you are trying to gradually transition to 4.1, I’d say just jump in and move it all at once. I’ve done this on many old apps. It may take a few hours to wade through the changes, but it’s far less overall work.



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Hi Brad ,

Thanks for ur help!!
As I am already facing problems with version 3.0.0 so am not confident enough i would be able to upgrade 4.1.

Now i have changed mappingg to coldbox version 3.0.0 but nothing appears its only blank sites comes up.

I know may be i am asking very pety questions but need ur help.

Thank You for all ur help.

Hi brad ,

I commented the error function in application.cfc
following is the error which comes up -

The error occurred in D:/inetpub/_addons/coldbox_2.6.4/system/util/Util.cfc: line 25
Called from D:/inetpub/_addons/coldbox_2.6.4/system/services/InterceptorService.cfc: line 73
Called from D:/inetpub/wwwroot/yoke_me_demo/frameworks/coldbox_3.0.0/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 95
Called from D:/inetpub/wwwroot/yoke_me_demo/Application.cfc: line 40
23 :
24 : <!— ************************************************************* —>
25 :
26 :
27 :

I dont know why still it is taking coldbox 2.6.4

Please help!!1

It’s a mapping issue. I had similar problem. Check the mapping in CF Admin.

Hi All,

Thanks for ur help i think i have made little progress with mapping .
now the error comes -
Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface coldbox.system.web.Controller.

The error occurred in D:/inetpub/wwwroot/yoke_me_demo/frameworks/coldbox_3_0_0/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 69
67 : }
68 : // Create Brand New Controller
69 : application[appKey] = CreateObject(“component”,“coldbox.system.web.Controller”).init(COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH);
70 :
71 : // Setup the Framework And Application

but i think its buit in function !!!

What to do !!!
Need help

You need to make sure all ColdFusion component caching settings are turned off in the administrator and remove any server level /coldbox mappings. You obviously have more than one version of ColdBox installed, and your /coldbox mapping is pointing to the incorrect one.

In your onrequeststart method, dump/abort expandPath( ‘/coldbox’ ) to troubleshoot where that is resolving to.



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Hi Brad,

Actually my demo site and live site are on same machine. In CF Admin , Live site is mapped to coldbox 2.6.4 and Demo site to Coldbox 3.0.0 .
Right now i am working on demo site so that once am able to upgrade demo site then live site will be updated.

Presently I dont know how my demo site is taking path of Coldbox 2.6.4 and am stuck here.
Please help.

​As Brad stated, if you are using the same install of ColdFusion to run both sites, you should always go into the CFIDE/Administrator and remove the option to cache component paths.

Also the mapping, would probably be best suited to the Application.cfc rather than setting it up in the Coldfusion Administrator as all websites will use the same path, where the Application.cfc mapping become per application based.

HI ,

When i remove server side mapping and

then it gives error

Variable LOADCOLDBOX is undefined.

26 :
27 :
28 : //Load ColdBox
29 : loadColdBox();

Now able to load coldbox

but new error
The config.xml file does not validate with the framework’s schema.

The error occurred in D:/inetpub/wwwroot/demo/frameworks/coldbox_3_0_0/system/core/util/Util.cfc: line 164
Called from D:/inetpub/wwwroot/demo/frameworks/coldbox_3_0_0/system/web/loader/XMLApplicationLoader.cfc: line 142
Called from D:/inetpub/wwwroot/demo/frameworks/coldbox_3_0_0/system/web/services/LoaderService.cfc: line 52
Called from D:/inetpub/wwwroot/demo/frameworks/coldbox_3_0_0/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 72
Called from D:/inetpub/wwwroot/demo/Application.cfc: line 34
162 :
163 :
164 :
165 :
166 :

Please help me in upgrade i am trying my best.

Thanks to all for help

Please include full stack traces when you report errors. You are givings us generally very little information to go on.

Have you been following the compat guide for upgrading to 3.0.0? There are documented changes in the XML file:

Note I think that guide misuses the word “deprecated”. It should say “removed” or “changed”.



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Hi All,

Following isa the stack trace -

I have made changes according to compatibility Guide in coldbox.xml.cfm.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>












But still getting error!!
Any help is appreciated…

Looking at the first line of that error message, it would appear enableDumpVar is not valid. Have you tried removing it?

Also, the XML config has been completely removed in recent versions. I would recommend focusing your efforts on moving to a configuration CFC.



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