[coldbox-3.5.0] Custom Request Context Decorator

I’m trying to implement the Custom Request Context Decorator exactly as the doc’s example (http://wiki.coldbox.org/wiki/RequestContextDecorator.cfm) for trimming the rc.

The decorator is registered correctly and the configure() method fires but the rc structure is not being populated by…

<cfset var rc = getRequestContext().getCollection()>

Any thoughts why that might be?


CAn you post it


component extends=“coldbox.system.web.context.requestContextDecorator” {
public void function configure() {
var key = “”;
var rc = getRequestContext().getCollection();

for (key in rc) {
if (isSimpleValue(rc[key])) {
rc[key] = trim(rc[key]);


Sorry Bob, no.

I moved my requirement for a form values trim function off into an interceptor.