[coldbox-3.5.0] interceptor preProcess() not firing

upgrading to 3.5 from 3.1.

the interceptors for the host app fire. the interceptors for my modules do not fire. i am using the preProcess point.

this was not an issue in 3.1.

coldfusion is reading the cfc because if i create another method of the same name, it throws an error.

coldbox says the module is loaded.

ive tested this with a built-in interception point and a custom one.

the coldbox debugging info shows that no interceptors are firing in the modules.

i guess the next step is to set up a clean app and see what that does.

in my module config, i have this:

interceptorSettings = {
customInterceptionPoints = “test,onLogin,onSuccessfulLogin,onDeleteUser”

is that the correct way to declare points?

in my module config, i have this:

interceptors = [

changing the name to something other than “security”, fixes the issue. the interceptor now fires.

Are you using 3.5 Final?

Remember interceptors are registered according to their name, so make sure you don’t have conflicts.

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i am using 3.5 final. changing the name resolved this issue.