[coldbox-3.5.0] proxy + multiple ajax calls

this error is new of 3.5.

theyre going to go through the proxy for now. the entire app (and other apps) use the proxy.

Is that even supported in CB 3.5, its not part of the downloads any more.

creating a new app using the coldbox tools for cfbuilder, scaffolds a remote/MyProxy.cfc.

Don’t use that but I did see it labelled myProxy now.

Two things did you restart ColdFusion, and is there anything in the myProxy.cfc that could be the cause of it. CB 3.5 has a lot of changes.

Did you have it working on any of the beta releases or was this the first time?

restarted cf.

i have yet to see whats going under the hood.

never beta’d. did the upgrade to 3.5 final yesterday.

when the system is in production, and everything is cached, i dont see this problem. its only when in dev mode. i have a hunch its due to everything be re-init’d per request.