[coldbox-3.5.1] Inject service into Model - correct syntax?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to inject a service into my model to create new() child objects.
Parent one-to-many Child
Inject ChildService into Parent model so I can call custom function parent.newChild()
and have it call the injected childService.new()

Does that make sense? Should I even be doing this?

I’ve got DI working fine elsewhere, but when I try and do this I get an error similar to the following:
Variable CHILDSERVICE is undefined

My Coldbox.cfc contains:

orm = {
injection = {enabled=true}


interceptors = [
//Entity Injection
entityInjection = true

My Application.cfc contains:

eventHandling = true,
eventHandler = “model.EventHandler”,


The (persistent, ActiveEntity) Parent model has the following property:
property name=“childService” inject=“model:services.ChildService” persistent=“false” scope=“this”;

And attempts to use it like this:
child = childService.new();

Which throws the error above.

Any help appreciated