[coldbox 3.5.2] First Custom Layout, looking for advice

Hi there,

I’m working on creating a custom layout and I wanted some advice on how it should be created.

Looking at the default layout I can see how it was put together but I have a layout that will have some information changing.

I have pasted the base html to here: http://pastie.org/4917066 for viewing and I guess my confusion comes for how this will work.

There is a part of the page that will be a random ad generated in this div “msf_featured_expanded”. This will be a random ad selected from the database.

The map in the middle will also be changing.Div on the right column will also change depending on what link is clicked on a map. My understanding of the layout is that I would need to generate the divs that contain the map and the random generated ad as well as the div on the right.


Mallory Woods