[coldbox-3.5.2] Getting Stack Trace Array from ExceptionBean

I’m trying to integrate my ColdBox site error logging/management with an existing, non-CB system’s error logging.

In a part of the non-CB system’s code, there is a bit where the code attempts to retrieve an array of stack trace elements by using the [exception].getStackTrace().
I’ve noticed that if I try to pass through the exceptionStruct from ExceptionBean, I get a “getStackTrace()” method cannot be found" error.

I am assuming this is because instance.exceptionStruct in ExceptionBean is being duplicated from the original CF error structure.

My question is whether anyone has run into this issue and can propose a work-around outside of modifying ExceptionBean to store a reference to the original CF error structure.

I do have access to the non-CB system code, but I’d prefer not to have to modify it if possible.

I appreciate anyone’s thoughts or suggestions–thanks!