[coldbox-3.5.2][HTMLHelper] How to extend the HTML Helper


I need some extra markup for my forms and I thought that maybe the DRY way to do it would be tp extend the HTMLHelper but then I noticed that the Renderer plugin has a hardcoded reference to the HTMLHelper plugin. Is there a way to extend the HTMLHelper or I’m just going totally in the wrong direction ?



What you could do is extend the renderer instead, by creating it and placing it in the extension plugins folder, you could then super the call and then place your namespace for your code or just then load the extended plugin for the helper.

Just an option.

I still need to figure out how the Renderer plugin is create by the framework, so right now I does not help very much to extend the renderer anyway. I injected my plugin for now in RC scope. Can you give me more info on how extending the Renderer Plugin would help ?


Dot extend the renderer. Just use the ColdBox extensions setting first to poit to your directory of choice. In there create a plugins folder and drop in your custom htmlhelper. That’s it. ColdBox will then use that one instead if the core