[coldbox-3.5.2] Module at an alternate location

I have a module buried in an external location and when I try to access it, I get:

Error importing routes configuration file: Could not find the included template modules/forgebox/config/routes.cfm. Note: If you wish to use an absolute template path (for example, template="/mypath/index.cfm") with CFINCLUDE, you must create a mapping for the path using the ColdFusion Administrator. Or, you can use per-application settings to specify mappings specific to this application by specifying a mappings struct to THIS.mappings in Application.cfc.

Using relative paths (for example, template=“index.cfm” or template="…/index.cfm") does not require the creation of any special mappings. It is therefore recommended that you use relative paths with CFINCLUDE whenever possible.

Any one offer a clue what that means and why I’m getting it. There are two directories for modules…one off the root and one for the application (SaaS environment)…everything else, handlers, models and views (still have to test plugins) work perfectly so that based on the url and the application instance that get’s created, a subdirectory for that domains “account” is accessed as a primary source for handlers, etc. and when not found, the system will go to the root of the web app…finally finally finally got this all work thanks to patience and a lot of help from the community…but I’m not sure what is causing this or what I can do about it.


Mike Craig

It is complaining about forgebox routes