[Coldbox-3.5.3] Extending Messagebox

Extending my first plugin for a custom kind of messagebox that works better with bootstrap…so I Extend coldbox.plugins.MessageBox, my custom Init() calls Super.Init(argumentcollection=arguments), then overrides with my settings and I rewrote setMessage() and RenderIt()…when I try to setMessage, it tells me “Variable FLASH is undefined.” I checked up the chain from coldbox.system.plugins.MessageBox to it’s parent, coldbox.system.plugins and ultimately the latter initializes variables.flash.

Now, when I call my messagebox for the first time, it’s with setMessage(), I never manuallly init it with a controller as I assumed getMyPlugin handled that (since I never call getPlugin(“messagebox”).Init() )…but that might be my problem.

Any ideas what I’m overlooking?


Seems right to me, did you reinit your framework first?

Andrew Scott
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I love it when I have to be pointed to the obvious. I actually thought I had but it seems I did not…I must not have thought I had to because it seemed like I was getting an error message relevant to my changes but now I can see I was not.

Thanks Andrew