[coldbox-3.5.3] - Help! DELETE verb and 302s


I’m having a very strange issue, and I’m not sure really where to begin :slight_smile:

In my development environment, I’m using Routes.cfm to handle some REST-style urls for my app (all AJAX, if it matters), all of which are running under https://.

An example looks like this:


addRoute( pattern="/api/endpoint1/:someguid", handler=“SomeHandler”, action={ GET=“view”, PUT=“update”, DELETE=“deactivate” } );
addRoute( pattern="/api/endpoint1", handler=“SomeHandler”, action={ POST=“create”, GET=“list” } );


In my development environment (I’m using a self-signed cert in IIS, with some web.config rules to force https), everything is working exactly as expected.

When I move the code to QA (load balanced servers), everything continues to work…EXCEPT for all requests with the DELETE verb. All GET, POST, and PUT requests respond with 200s, and the app swims along happily. When I issue DELETE requests, however, I get a 302 and, of course, the handler specified for the delete action is never executed.

I’m at a loss as to what could be happening. I suspect it’s something with the load balancer, but IT thinks it’s a ColdBox problem. I have a potential workaround, but I’d prefer to be able to use the DELETE. And since I’m pretty stupid when it comes to IIS/URL rewriting/etc, I’m not entirely sure where else to look for solutions (since I don’t particularly know the problem).

Enough rambling. I know I haven’t explained it particularly well, but has anyone encountered anything similar, or have ideas about what could cause something like this?

I appreciate any help that anyone can provide–thanks!