[coldbox-3.5.3] turning off flash

i have a restful api and dont need session/client variables.

how do i turn off the flash?

You just need to adjust the flash settings and create a customFlashScope that does nothing. Code below

Hope that helps,


//set the flash ram to nothingness

flash = {

scope = “model.CustomFlashScope”,

properties = {}, // constructor properties for the flash scope implementation

inflateToRC = true, // automatically inflate flash data into the RC scope

inflateToPRC = false, // automatically inflate flash data into the PRC scope

autoPurge = true, // automatically purge flash data for you

autoSave = true // automatically save flash scopes at end of a request and on relocations.


Model.CustomFlashScope cfc code

component extends=“coldbox.system.web.flash.AbstractFlashScope”

hint=“A customized implementation of the ColdBox flash scope.” {

public any function init(controller) {


return this;


public any function getFlashKey() {

return ‘’;


public any function saveFlash() {

return ;


public any function flashExists() {

return false;


public any function getFlash() {

return {};


public any function removeFlash() {

return ;



that worked.


Or use the MockFlash included in the Core


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Show off, I didn’t know that existed. Not sure how I missed that.