[coldbox-3.5] Interested in Dynamic ORM Scaffolding Module?

This is more of a poll than anything else.

Let's say, hypothetically, that we have a ColdBox Module that will
automatically talk to Hibernate (ColdFusion ORM) and build a dynamic
scaffolding manager to manage all entities in your application. Where
you can list, page, search, filter, add, edit, remove any type of
relationship your objects model. It does not generate scaffolds, but
it is a dynamic scaffolding tool that builds a dynamic manager
according to the entities in the application. You can also customize
the interface via metadata in the entities or in a configuration file.

Would you be interested in such a tool and if so, would you donate
some $$ for it?

Please fill out this survey if you are interested, very short!

Code Name coldStruct???

I’d definitely be interested. The concept sounds similar to CFScaffold project, which I like for its non-code generative nature.


Hey Luis,

Just wondering if this ever came to fruition?



It, has, I just need to clean it up for actually selling it, as it won’ be open source. I can demo it for you if you like?

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Sure, that would be great!

Nolan Dubeau

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