[Coldbox - 3.5] The event is not valid registered event

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Do you have trusted cache enabled on your ColdFusion Administrator on the production machine? This is recommended for production deployments. Essentially, this setting when enabled prevents ColdFusion from looking at the source CFM/CFC files for changes–which provides increased performances as much as 40% since ColdFusion is not compiling the same source code again and again. If you do have this setting enabled you must (A) manually clear the trusted cache and (B) reinit the framework before your new changes will be recognized by ColdFusion. Of course, you want to clear the cache after you’ve deployed your new code.

To see if you have trusted cache enabled: Login to ColdFusion Admin > Click “Caching” > see if the “Trusted Cache” checkbox is checked.
To clear the trusted cache: Login to ColdFusion Admin > Click “Caching” > Click “Clear Template Cache”.

Hope this helps resolve.