ColdBox 3.6: Loading a page with ajax that has a form


I have a question on the best way to accomplish this task.

I have a fiddle that can kinda of illustrate what’s going on as I don’t have an code that is public and can be played with.

If you look at this fiddle you will see that it’s using twitter boostrap and has tabs.
That is one large form.

Here is the challenge:

If you click on the top tab that says: Assignments

Once you have this up, you will see that there are two more tabs.

Under the edit existing assignments you will see a dropdown. There is nothing in that dropdown now but it will be populated with a list of existing assignments.

Below that dropdown, there is other information.

When a user selects the dropdown, I am submitting an ajax request that will fire and load into a div (replacing that tab) with the form filled with the information that was retrieved from the query.

Ok, so again this is one big form and I have found out that if I grab the information with ajax it’s not “seen” when I try to submit this original form.

I guess what I’m asking is, that what is the best way for me to load that information into that form without loading another page.

Sorry if this is not clear, I’m really trying to think my way through it and explain it the best way I can.

I think the overall goal is to have something that will load information into a form when dropdown is changed, without doing a page submit that will automatically fill in information into a form.

I can go into more details is needed.