Coldbox-3.8.1 - Differences in code syntaxes

Hello, I am a completely newbie to ColdBox…and ColdFusion for that matter. I have started to explore ColdBox and have followed the two blogs that I was able to find:

I noticed that the code syntaxes are different, which confused me pretty good… could someone help me understand why the differences? Also, the ColdBox documentation only shows the “Java-like” syntaxes…why?

thanks for your help.

Both of the posts you referenced are YEARS old, which means they are MANY releases old. The official ColdBox documentation is available at


P.S. Welcome to the world of CFML and ColdBox. :slight_smile:

The differences you’re seeing are mostly a matter of personal preference with the language itself. ColdBox works just fine with either style. The engine (Adobe/Railo) and the version of the engine you’re using will dictate how much you can do with the “Java-like” syntax.