[coldbox 3.8.1] disable helper on request basis

I was wonderig if there is any way to disable using a helper file for a view.
I can’t find a matching argument in the renderView() method, nor am I able to find a method of its own, like the one that allows us to disable the rendering of a layout.

It could be helpful for AJAX calls, I think.

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Are you just trying to not render the view in any layout. There is an argument called no layout

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Can you be more specific on what you want to do? Do you mean a view helper like so:


Where the second file is automatically included in the first?

Or do you mean the applicationHelper setting in /config/ColdBox.cfc where you can have a .cfm of UDFs to be included in all your framework files?

Perhaps it doesn’t matter-- the answer to both would be “no”. What is the issue you are trying to avoid?



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It is the first case, a viewHelper file that I don’t want to be included.
It realy is a case of conventions vs thinking ahead here, we have in our views folder a subfolder called products. In this folder there are a number of views and their helpers. There is also, and this is where it goes wrong, a view called products.cfm in that folder, with a productsHelper.cfm file. This was all fine until we had a view that didn’t need a helper file, but the productsHelper.cfm file gets included automatically when a view in that folder has no helper file of its own, which is as you would expect.
This meant that we had to include an empty helperfile to get around this.

I know we shouldn’t have named that view products.cfm and the best solution would have been to rename that file. But you know it’s not as simple as that with established projects… :slight_smile:
That is why I was wondering if there wasn’t a way to overrule that convention as well, since you advertise as a conventions-based framework, where conventions come before configuration, but configuration can ultimately overrule these conventions…

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